Cryptoaccepted LLC Referral Program

Invite your friends and receive 20% of fees on each trade.

How To Refer Your Friends

Share your referral link with
Invite friends to sign up and deposit more than $50
Receive 100 USDT cashback voucher each

Crypto Accepted Steam referral program

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The Cryptoaccepted LLC referral program is currently by application only. This is intended to keep bad actors at bay and ensure only honest users are using the program.

New referral program applications are processed in under 24 hours. In order to apply, you simply need to tell us about how you plan to promote your unique link.

Disallowed promotion methods include domain name typo squatting, search engine manipulation, message spam, false advertising, and placement on illegal websites.


You will receive a payout at the end of each month. The minimum payout amount is $10 USD and there is no maximum.

You can change your payout addresses at any time.

If we find you are promoting your link via a disallowed method, all payouts will cease.


The 20% you earn is on our fee for completed trades made where the escrow is successfully released to the buyer.


When you have been accepted by our program we will provide a range of graphics to help you spread the word!